RealEscape guess the password 2
by pezza

same rules as before;

guess the password the items are yours!

new clues will be added periodically so be sure to check back

USERNAME = Realescape



CLUE 1- the password an item in runescape

CLUE 2- the item in question can be equipped 

[CLOSED]RealEscape guess the password
by pezza
  JAKE WON THIS ROUND ! WELL DONE JAKE ON YOUR ITEMS       so guys its simple;  i have placed an account in the game with a bank i think you might all enjoy.. how to win the items? just guess the password.. simple USERNAME= REALESCAPE   check back on this thread for updated clues. Ps. if your an ironman of any type i will transfer the items onto your account if you wish or you can have them on a normal account CLUE 1: the password is RUNESCAPE BASED CLUE 2: it is an npc CLUE 3: this npc is
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